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Consulwal™ ICF's is a light weight, high strength, permanent in-place concrete form that is less labor intensive than either concrete wall forming or block construction. Consulwal™ concrete insulated walls require up to 25% less concrete and produce concrete up to 50% stronger. ICF construction generated up to 66% energy savings and provided 58% better effective R-Value.

ICFs help architects, designers and contractors stay on schedule, build durable, beautiful projects and meet or exceed increasingly strict energy codes for insulation. Constructing with ICFs reduces the building’s carbon footprint and saves money on energy bills and reduced maintenance and repairs when compared to traditional building methods, such as wood frame construction.

ICF homes or buildings are:

Sustainable – ICF homes and buildings are incredibly energy-efficient. The continuous insulation, thermal mass of the concrete and air-tight envelope all combine to create superior energy-efficiency in warm and cold climates.

Strong & Resilient – The steel reinforced concrete core in ICF buildings is resistant to fire, hurricanes, and tornadoes and can be engineered for all seismic conditions.

Strength and Flexibility - ICF construction allows incredible design flexibility. Curved walls, vaulted ceilings, longer floor spans, and large or shaped windows are all easily accommodated. Virtually any style or type of home can be built using ICFs.

Comfortable – The foam and concrete structure of ICFs means the homes and buildings are quiet, draft-free and do not enable mold.


  • Speed - Consulwal™ units are speedily assembled and accelerate the entire construction and delivery schedule;
  • Efficiency - The Consulwal™ units are installed to the required height, and then the concrete is placed in the forms all in one continuous operation;
  • Less Skilled Labor - Minimum skilled labor is supported by non-skilled labor for majority of work;
  • Less Concrete Required - A Consulwal™ wall will use less concrete than a wall formed with other types of forms;
  • Strength and Durability of reinforced concrete;
  • Eliminates the need for stripping and cleaning of forms;
  • Quality - Concrete is moisture protected by the permanent form and also able to properly cure for up to a year because of the protection provided by the Consulwal™ system;
  • One-step Forming and Insulating capability - A Consulwal™ concrete wall provides a minimum R-36 thermal resistance and more when interior and exterior finishes are added;
  • Waste is kept to a minimum;
  • Callbacks are reduced - Cracked walls are virtually eliminated.

The Perfect Canadian Building Technology

Given Canada's demanding climate, ICF wall systems are the perfect choice for long-lasting comfort, superior energy efficiency and outstanding protection.

The ICF "sandwich" of reinforced concrete and insulating foam provides exceptional structural strength and a high level of insulation.

ICF Insulated Concrete Form

An ICF wall is extremely solid with much greater mass than typical construction, so sudden swings in outside temperatures have little impact on the temperature inside the home. No settling, shifting or warping means that repairs due to nail pops are avoided. Because the wall is one continuous structure, there are no gaps, cracks or joints to let in dust or cold winter drafts.

Insulated Concrete Forms provide a fast, easy, cost-effective and energy efficient solution for residential and commercial structures. ICFs combine 6 building steps into one easy building solution: form system, air barrier, wall structure, vapor barrier, Insulation, interior/exterior finish anchorage which replace wood studs. Compare that to wood where a multi-step construction process is needed, requiring multiple trades. ICF’s are a cost-effective alternative.

ICF is the complete construction solution with built-in flexibility, resilience and comfort

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Since 1989, the Consulwal™  product has been manufactured and marketed as a One-Step Wall Forming and Insulating System. This system was developed in 1964 and has since been widely used in North America and Europe.


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